Obama Stars in ‘Funny or Die’ Webseries

txzPuMKJSSO184B9UmVG_Obama Ferns Jumbo

by Scruples McGee

In an attempt to draw young people into signing up for health insurance,  President Obama makes an appearance in the hilarious webseries “Funny or Die” with host Zach Galifianakis of “Hangover” fame. Entitled “Between Two Ferns” Obama trades barbs with the very funny deadpan host. In one particularly hysterical scene, Galifianakis asks Obama the question “How does it feel to be the last black President” to which Obama responds “How does it feel to have the last interview with a President?” Okay, not as funny, but it gets better, trust me.

One thing we can count on for sure, will be the onslaught of criticism this webseries will bring via “Fox News”, the fantasy news channel for the aged, flatulent, delusional Tea Party generation.  Personally, I like the new Obama, the Obama who has pretty much as of late, given the big middle finger to his detractors, otherwise known as all things right-wing.  The President is keeping it light, keeping it loose and keeping it real.  That is a helluva lot more than you will ever get from the ever pious right.



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